Jonatan Liljedahl

Works for acoustic instruments

FerroCore [2007-2008]

Studio edit. Acoustic piece specially written for Andrea Neumann and her Inside Piano. Premiered at Nationalgalleriet, Stockholm.

Take a look at the graphical score (PDF).

Sequences for Disklavier [2006]

Music for computer-controlled acoustic piano.

Music for Cimbalom & Trombone [2006]

This is an acoustic piece specially written for Jonny Axelsson and Ivo Nilsson duo. Jonny plays his homebuilt 17-stringed bass-cimbalom. Premiered at Ljudvågor festival, Visby. I used my own software KyCE for the composition, and a custom program to convert the output from KyCE into a LilyPond score.

Take a look at the score (PDF) and an article (swedish PDF) about the piece.

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