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AUFX Series


The AUFX series is a collection of lightweight and powerful real time audio effect apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. They are fully MIDI controllable, and supports Audiobus and inter-app audio.

You can now buy the whole bundle at a reduced price!


All AUFX apps have the following features:

  • High quality 32-bit DSP engine.
  • Process hardware input/output or other apps through Inter-app audio or Audiobus (input/filter/output slots supported).
  • Fully MIDI controllable, including Virtual MIDI.
  • Built-in look-ahead limiter to avoid clipping.
  • Choose between Stereo input or left/right only.
  • Background Audio.
  • Save and load user presets.
  • Comes with several bundled presets.
  • Record the result directly in app.
  • Email recordings or export to AudioShare audio document manager app.
  • Access user presets and recordings through iTunes File Sharing.


The fourth app in the series is AUFX:Push, a highly tweakable stereo dynamics processor with noise gate, compressor/expander with external side-chain input, brick-wall look-ahead limiter and hard/soft clipper.


The third app in the series is AUFX:PeakQ, a versatile 4-band parametric stereo equalizer for everything between subtle frequency enhancements and agressive boosting/cutting or special resonator effects.

Two parametric peak filters with gain, frequency and Q, Low & high-shelf filters with gain and frequency. Displays the resulting frequency response graph with real-time spectrum analyzer overlay.

Yes! As always, good stuff from a great developer! ★★★★★

This is a must You know your getting a stable quality made music app made by one of the greatest iOS music developers and at such a reasonable price- this is a must have app. ★★★★★

Audiobus EQ at number 1 for midi capability This EQ is really honestly the best I've use for iOS for its fine control. ★★★★★

I own all AUFX apps All of them are great and add a lot to the sounds I'm producing, no matter which synth I use. The existing presets are great and it's easy to find what you want by playing with the intuitive controls. Thank you Kymatica for this wonderful tool. ★★★★★


The second app in the series is AUFX:Dub. A highly tweakable stereo delay audio effect, suitable for everything from clean digital delays to filthy dub echoes and broken cassette tapes. It features tape simulation (noise and warble), filters in the delay loop for typical dub sound, stereo detune, ping-pong delay, and more.

Reviews and demos

Quality. Along with Space, highly recommended. Works perfectly and sounds amazing. ★★★★★

Simple and the best This is the best multidelay for ios !!!! Great job :) ★★★★★

Top Top,top!!!! Aucune hesitation a avoir!!!!!! ★★★★★

Very useful This is a good sounding, highly configurable delay unit at a great price. FX like this one is very useful in the audiobus toolchain. ★★★★★

Sounds fAWESOME! Sounds great and is very musical. The presets sound great! This is now my favorite reverb/delay audiobus FX! Not only does it sound great, the price point makes it very affordable. Don't hesitate, buy this killer app now! ★★★★★

Right On Big score!!! ★★★★★


The first app in the series is AUFX:Space. A high quality reverb with a multitude of parameters to tweak to get a wide range of reverb sounds. Suitable for everything between small rooms, resonators, and infinitely large spaces. It also has built-in resonant filters!

Reviews and demos

Kymatica = quality. Simple, clean, easy to use... And sounds better than hardware units I've owned at literally a fraction of the price. ★★★★★

Magic. I love it. Easy to use and sounds amazing. ★★★★★

Simply the best! Very clean sounding, user friendly, beautiful minimalist graphic! Highly recommended! ★★★★★

Perfect reverb app Sounds great, for anything from a minimal "room" effect sound to a drenching wash that makes jingling keys sound like a symphony. Pretty amazing. Great integration into audiobus, AudioShare, not CPU intensive. Very, very usable and musical. ★★★★★

Great reverb! We all know that high quality FX apps, specially reverbs, are still hard to find in the iOS domain. This one sets a new standard for this type of effect, specially at this price tag. Excellent! Keep those apps coming! ★★★★★

Priiiimaaa! Endlich platz im sound ! Thanks for a nice roommashine ★★★★★

AUFX:Space is now available on the App Store!

More apps coming...

What kind of effect app would you like to see next? Check out this forum thread and tell me your wishes..

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