Jonatan Liljedahl


Stochastic Sample Slice Sequencer for iPad

Greetings Earth! We come in peace.
And time-warping glitches.

Brilliant ★★★★★
Innovative, beautifully designed and easy to use.

Fantastic App ★★★★★
The best sequencing app I've used on the iPad. The interface is incredible. The possibilities are endless.

Amazing ★★★★★
Don't do it, if you have plans for the rest of the day. Once your in the grove, you can't stop.


Slice and sequence your loops with a matrix of markov-chain connections. Introduce order with the probability-based coin-flipping pattern sequencer. Bend time with warp functions for glitches and modulations. Tweak and trigger in real time performance. Get anything between rigid control and random chaos.

For an in-depth review, see this post on MusicAppBlog.

Please post questions and feature requests at the forum.

News for version 1.0

  • Automatic micro-fades to avoid clicks
  • Send MIDI clock sync
  • Support for Audiobus2 and state saving
  • Recording of results, quantized to sequencer cycle
  • New loops by Richard Devine, Sonic Mayhem, Arovane, and Sunsine Audio
  • Share projects by email or send to other apps like Dropbox
  • Allow decoupling of tempo and sample playback rate
  • Preview selected sector or warp while stopped
  • Main volume slider and oscilloscope display
  • AudioPaste for importing loops
  • Add RND/CLR/CPY/PST buttons for WRP
  • Four memory slots also for WRP
  • Copy/paste memory slots
  • Preview samples and recordings
  • Toggle to follow IAA host play/stop
  • Bundled users guide
  • And much more...


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