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iOS apps

Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that I developed for my own company and for various clients. I'm specialized in music apps.

AUM - Audio Mixer
The flexible audio mixer, recorder, and connection hub for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Stochastic Sample Slice Sequencer with markov-chain matrix, probability patterns and time-bending warp functions.

AudioShare - audio document manager
Filemanager for soundfiles, midifiles and soundfonts. Transfer files between apps and between device and computer, email, upload to soundcloud, dropbox, audiobus, AudioCopyPaste, and more...

AUFX Series
A collection of simple and powerful audio effect apps.
All with Audiobus/IAA support and MIDI control!

The Oscillator (currently FREE!)
Simple and elegant tone and noise generator.

BitWiz Audio Synth
Turn simple C-like expressions into algorithmic 8-bit music.

Gestrument (Jesper Nordin)
A new kind of gesture-based instrument for iPad.

Yellofier (Boris Blank / YELLO)
Record a sound, cut it in pieces, sequence with effects and make a song.

Nord Beat (Clavia DMI / Nord Keyboards)
Free MIDI pattern sequencer for iPad.

ProLoop (Trapcode)
An advanced and flexible looper for iPhone and iPod Touch.

ScoreCleaner Notes (DoReMIR Music Research)
Turns your sung or played melodies into music notation. Won Gold and Silver at Cannes Lions 2013!

BK-Remixed (Bonniers Konsthall)
Remix DJ Hans Berg's song "Hit, Stroke, Turn" that was commissioned for Bonniers Konsthall's exhibition "More Than Sound". Make your own remix and participate in the remix competition.

P2Ström (Swedish Radio)
Easy to use loopmixer for iPhone and iPod Touch.

For developers

Open Source

  • AlgoScore, an open-source graphical tool for algorithmic composition.
  • LADSPA Ugen for SuperCollider3 (now part of sc3-plugins)
  • SCDoc - new documentation system for SuperCollider3 (now part of SuperCollider)

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