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Using AUM with a Looper

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Using AUM with a Looper
« on: June 21, 2017, 05:37:03 PM »
I am using AUM with a looper every session, it is producing fantastic results and I would like to share the technique.
The technique is a method for allowing you to grab audio into a looper on the fly.

With your intruments setup on various AUM channels
  • Select a channel, add a 'Bus Send' insert, select 'Send to Bus A', .
  • Then long hold the insert and set to 'Post'
  • Swipe the insert left to temporaily disable it
  • Repeat this for each channel
  • Add a 'Mix Bus' channel, select 'Receive from Bus A'
  • Turn the volume up on the mix bus channel to maximum
  • Add a 'Dynamics \ Saturation' insert to the mix bus channel, increase the saturation to approximately 4db
  • Click 'Destination' of the mix bus channel, select 'IAA / Audobus Output', choose 'IAA / AB Output 1'

Now choose your looper ... how each looper recieves audio can be different
If the looper supports IAA choose that: Open the Looper > select the input of your looper to IAA 'Kymatica AUM (Port1)
If the looper only supports Audiobus: Open Audiobus > select input > find 'AUM' in the list > click the (i) next to the name > choose 'Port 1' > select Output > choose your looper as the output channel.

The core setup is now complete.
Swipe the bus send insert for a given channel to the 'right' to enable that channels audio to be sent to the looper.


I been have successfully used this method with Group the Loop, Loopy, Looperverse, LoopTree, and even AbletonLive.
For best results use IAA and Ableton Link enables apps, I highly recommend the excellent Group the Loop.
For super cool results, control the looper using a foot pedal, or use an iconnectivity Audio4+ and route the audio to a spare ipad like me :)

I can't overstate how useful I have been finding this setup, jamming with mates, building up song parts on the fly, allowing me to change intruments and add to the song so much more easily.
I have shown this technique to a few friends lately and they have started using it also, so thought I would share.
Without AUM I cannot see any other way of doing it, so a big thankyou for the creation of this product.
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Re: Using AUM with a Looper
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2017, 06:34:23 PM »
Also ... an advanced tip for Arturia Beatstep users
It can be tricky reaching over to toggle enabling\disabling the bus send insert for a channel when playing at the same time!

  • Set the knobs on your Beatstep to 'Relative #2' using Arturias 'Midi Control Centre' application.
  • Then in AUM, go into the midi control for the channel and set the knob to control the 'Send to Bus A' amount.
  • Also modify the 'Range' of the 'Send to Bus A' amount to between 50% - 0%, which reverses the scale.
So now when you twist the knob left any amount, volume is off.
When you twist the knob right any amount, volume is 50%
Easy to quick swipe across all knobs to adjust volumes when playing live.

I don't know if this can be achieved with other controllers or if there is a midi tool out there which could somehow produce the same result.
I would be interested to know other peoples experiences.

Jonatan: In a future release, I wonder, could you consider placing a midi control which toggles enabling and disabling of any send effect.
And indeed, would there be any benefit by enabling or disabling the send effect over controlling volume the way I am above?
Something simular was also requested in this post