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AUM / Re: Which Looper works best with AUM?
« Last post by Josef on July 10, 2018, 11:15:02 PM »

I guess, you are looking for something completely different, but nevertheless I want to report what I found out when searching for live sampling tools.
One app I took into consideration is http://www.apesoft.it/idensity/, a granular sampler with multichannel (6) support in combination with Audiobus or Studiomux. But it has not been the right thing for me.
Then I discovered http://soundfruuze.com. This is exactly what I have been looking for. The AudioUnit version does currently not store and recall presets in AUM, but Alexey, the developer of soundfruuze promised to fix it in the next update, coming very soon.
But soundfruuze "records" the recent 10 seconds in two independent Ram buffers and not into files, and is definitely not this "live looping setup" you described.
AUM / Feature request : audio delay
« Last post by crony on July 09, 2018, 04:44:11 PM »

Based on this post here:

I'd like to have a way to slow down the audio that comes into some inputs.

This delay should be applied in milliseconds (from 0 ms to 1 second) it would be a node that you may insert as any other Eq or effect...
It won't affect midi, Link, IAA, it's just about adding a buffer that can delay the audio playback of any app.

AUM / Re: Mix remote mic with noise then output to headphones, on iPhone 7?
« Last post by crony on July 09, 2018, 04:30:02 PM »
Hi James,

On IOS (any device) you may have only 1 sound card, so, to my knowledge, splitting with mic input/output + lightning in real time is not possible.

But I found this you might be interested with:

And this

Plug the wireless mic into the sound card, the mix into AUM, then, use the headphone, on the soundcard for your son.

The only problem is that this setup needs to be close an electric plug as power is required for the box for the wireless mic.
So this sound card on battery could be better (?)
But still needs power for the wireless mic BUT the wireless mic might be far (like 5 meters with a 5m XLR cable) from the sound card (closer to an electric plug)
But a 5 meters wire would be around...could be a problem in the class room ?

Also note that you'll need a Camera Connexion Kit (CCK) to connect the USB to the lightning:

But the good point with this is that you may plug and power also the iPhone (like this no problem with low battery with any device during the course !)
I would not recommend a bluetooth headphone, to avoid any technical issues, and keep it simple.

Be careful with the background noise of cheap sound card, that might cause some problems.
I would recommend at least this quality for a soundcard:

A correct wireless mic OMHO is also needed to get a clear stable signal, so maybe this one ?

Hope this helps a bit. :)

AUM / Mix remote mic with noise then output to headphones, on iPhone 7?
« Last post by jamescookmd on July 07, 2018, 10:02:54 PM »
Hi! First time poster.

My son has a neurological condition called misophonia. Common sounds like chewing, sniffling and typing are as abhorrent to him as a steel chair scraping on patio tile. He works around this by listening to white noise through headphones. Unfortunately this doesn't work at school because he can't hear the teacher.

I'm trying to use AUM to take a remote mic (which the teacher would wear), mix the stream with white noise and output to headphones. Connecting a white noise generator app is no problem. Output to wired headphones is no problem. But I need a way to rig a wireless mic into the system. I don't care about audio quality or latency - as long as speech from the mic is understandable.

I bought a bluetooth "mic", but AUM doesn't see it as an input. I think it's acting as a headset (it has a headphone out jack, weird):

I could buy a remote mic that plugs into the input jack, but I've got an iPhone 7, so that would have to be through a Lightning adapter. So I'd have to do output via Bluetooth headphones.

1. Can AUM talk to a Bluetooth headset as an input source?
2. If not, can AUM take headphone jack input, mix with noise, and output to Bluetooth headphones?
3. Anyone know if iPhone 6s can do input through 3.5mm jack and output through Lightning?


AUM / Re: "continuously" checking for bluetooth known network ?
« Last post by crony on July 06, 2018, 12:44:51 PM »

I just thought about a way to also define the secure bluetooth "wires" and also midi routes thru bluetooth :

A padlock icon on the bluetooth screen on each bluetooth coonextion.
A padlock on top and right on the the midi route panel on each midi connection.

These padlock could be opened / closed indicating that they have been set for this preset.

Then, a flashing red button would appear close to the vu-meter if something is wrong.

Does that sound possible ?
AUM / Re: "continuously" checking for bluetooth know network ?
« Last post by crony on July 05, 2018, 04:45:01 PM »
A solution might be a flashing button close to the vu-meter that indicates that the defined configuration is still broken, then pushing it would check and get back in place everything. (a kind of shortcut emergency bluetooth button)
This button would be "connected" to other AUM instances, so you could tap it on any iPad, then it would disappear on the other instances.

I'm thinking about this, because I guess in term of security bluetooth needs a user action to activate, right ?
AUM / "continuously" checking for bluetooth known network ?
« Last post by crony on July 05, 2018, 04:32:58 PM »
Hi !

I've set a bluetooth network between 3 iPads. (1 is the master, the 2 other one are "slaves")

Sometimes on of the iPad crash (or reset...) then I launch it again, but the bluetooth connection is lost.

Could it be possible to add an option (maybe at launching the app ? or the presets on each iPad ?) to check that the working configuration is properly set ?

Actually, I launch the 3 AUM instances, then set the bluetooth network, then launch each preset (first from the master iPad, that send the proper "wired" bluetooth links, then on the 2 other ipads, that can connect to the incoming bluetooth connections) and it works well.
But if some of the iPAd crashes, it becomes a bit more tricky and hazardous... (in term of cold blood mainly :D )

In all cases, I need to reload the 2 other presets to get back the proper bluetooth connections, or edit manually the midi config and rely the dots, it's indeed just one connection to make on each iPad, but while you are playing a beat and some others synths on the other ipads you can't stop...
Worst case : the main iPad crash, and here, no sound at all...When it gets back to life, you have the 2 other iPad running coming directly (audio) but no midi...
AUM / Re: Simplified MIDI routing? Let me know what you think!
« Last post by crony on July 05, 2018, 04:19:05 PM »
That would be "catastrophic" with my setup as I have multiple midi controllers going thru a "Master" iPad, then dispatch to my other iPads.
But locally (on each iPad) I'm running also a Modstep that sends midi (sometimes from the same midi channel from the Master iPad) so I really choose carefully what goes where...
AUM / Re: Midi Program Change to change Sessions
« Last post by crony on July 05, 2018, 03:50:01 PM »
Yep, still needed here also, even if I came ATM to the conclusion that in a live situation it could be too risky...
But to recall in a studio situation all your parameters, then check, then play, that would be indeed nice :)
AUM / Re: AUM monitoring, and latency question
« Last post by crony on July 05, 2018, 03:46:00 PM »

Sorry for digging such old post, but is there such node implemented now ?
Is it an audio node (I think it's that) or a midi node that you would implement ?

Actually an audio node that could delay being assigned on tracks will suit my needs perfectly.
In my case, and I guess in any cases, it couldn't be "before" (it's above the capacity of the hardware latency of the soundcard...) but delay a bit the signal that comes too early while you play an app on a local iPad, and get audio outputs getting into it at the same time.

I'm actually using a AUUFX PEAK to "slow down" on the concerned app, but still not perfectly controlled and accurate enough...

Thanks for your enlightenment :)

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