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It would be very cool to have a MIDI version of BitWiz that outputs the numbers from the MidiWiz formulas to MIDI data rather than the current audio frequencies which can then be routed out to control synths, etc. Another MIDI AU app could receive this MIDI data and map it to a scale. The MidiWiz app would have settings so that you could import scala files and it would adjust the output of the MIDI to conform to the number of tones and output appropriate MIDI notes and pitch information to control synth apps to play in all sorts of traditional, non-western, microtonal, or other types of scales (e.g. the Wilsonic app). This would be a boon to the lovers of generative music as well as being able to be incorporated into more traditional music too. You could have arp like settings to control the range of notes played in an instance of the MidiWiz AU which would be a monophonic MIDI output stream. Combine various AU MidiWiz instances together in a setup and the possibilities are boundless. The complex, varied, and rhythmic variations produced in MidiWiz would offer something not available elsewhere to the best of my iOS knowledge. There could be settings to convert the output from MidiWiz to CC controller data rather than notes too. Please leverage your awesome code for stack based oscillations in a MidiWiz AU app to blow the minds of iOS music creation users once again.
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Cool idea :)

The formula calculator would have to wrap at 7 bits (128) instead of the typical 8 bits (256) of ByteBeat synthesis.

However, I think microtonality etc must be handled on the receiving end. MIDI notes are just key numbers 0-127, it doesn't say which pitch those keys will play. (Even though there are loose standards like "60 = Middle C" etc)

Filtering output to specific "scales" could be done directly in the formula. Just a bitwise AND operator with a constant number.