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Anybody else have the problem that AUM will "turn off" synths if it sits there

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Hi gang,

New to this app, but loving it,  still learning.   I am running Korg Module, SynthMaster and iGrand together -  nothing massive just a Bus "A" for the Synths and the IGrand is standalone.   

But what I've noticed is that if I leave the setup running and walk away, and come back say an hour later,  some of the synths like Module or Synthmaster are "off",  they don't generate sound.  Basically,  I have to tap the icon to go into them,  then come back to AUM and they are "on".   

Anybody know why it does that? 

There's no code in AUM to turn off anything after a period of time, rather the other way around: while AUM is running and visible, the idle timer that turns off the device screen is temporarily disabled.

So, I suspect something in those apps are shutting their audio engine down after a time of inactivity, probably in an attempt to save battery.

Thanks Jon.

Yeah that's wierd.   I guess I'll just have to play with it and figure out the synth stability on my own.