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Wishlist: MIDI clock relative timebase selection

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Wishlist: MIDI clock relative timebase selection
« on: May 02, 2018, 01:17:47 PM »
Great app.

One thing though:

It would be super awesome to have the ability to choose a mathematical relationship
to incoming MIDI clock for the app's timebase. Simply put, this would be for, say,
getting double-speed sync relative to the current tempo, or maybe switching to 1/3
of the current tempo for interesting rhythmic effects.
Unless I'm missing something, there's no way to do this currently.
I just had to quadruple the session tempo in Pro Tools (which was sending MIDI clock to Sector)
to make Sector play the rhythmic subdivision I was after. So a simple flipmenu allowing
Sector to play at even or odd multiples/divisions of the incoming MIDI clock tempo would be fantastically powerful.


Peter Freeman