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AUFX: PeakQ as iStuff generic eq in the car

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AUFX: PeakQ as iStuff generic eq in the car
« on: May 11, 2018, 10:57:17 AM »
Haven't noticed this with searches, apologies if multiplying..

I'm after a simple solution, with what I'm trying to improve my car audio, iPhone/iPod touch as source. PeakQ might resolve this, but not sure..

I've had main unit with parametric eq, time alignment tweaking (delaying left, the nearer speakers, so that the staging is in front of me), + sub-level adjustments and such which are not that needed. Cannot change the main unit on my new car and adding dsp just for this - well of cource could then install a bit better sub and amp..

Can I do the same with AUFX, PeakQ and Space? Playing back from iPhone's sources like internal music player (over iClould, iTunes match), spotify or Tidal. Make some eq to it and add some left channel delay. iPhone/iPod is connected with usb/lightning to main unit.