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IAA Audio Unit Parameters

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IAA Audio Unit Parameters
« on: May 17, 2018, 04:11:31 AM »
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I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to expose Audio Unit parameters to AUM via IAA for an Audio Unit Remote Effect.  It has only just dawned on me that maybe this isn't possible at all, it seems as though the parameterTree for an AUAudioUnit is automatically exposed for an AUV3 instance, but this is not exposed for IAA.  Does this mean that IAA has to rely exclusively on MIDI control, without the explicit parameter binding?

Re: IAA Audio Unit Parameters
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2018, 02:17:53 PM »
That's correct. IAA has no support for AUParameters, presets, state saving, embeddable UI, or multiple instances. Why not go with AUv3?

Re: IAA Audio Unit Parameters
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2018, 09:59:57 PM »
Thanks for the reply.  :) I already have AUV3 along side IAA, but was hoping to have the same feature set in the IAA instance too (which i've had to hand roll preset and state saving for).  It looks as though exposing parameters is a non-starter though, so I'm thankful that I won't need to sink time into trying to force that to work.