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Mix remote mic with noise then output to headphones, on iPhone 7?

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Hi! First time poster.

My son has a neurological condition called misophonia. Common sounds like chewing, sniffling and typing are as abhorrent to him as a steel chair scraping on patio tile. He works around this by listening to white noise through headphones. Unfortunately this doesn't work at school because he can't hear the teacher.

I'm trying to use AUM to take a remote mic (which the teacher would wear), mix the stream with white noise and output to headphones. Connecting a white noise generator app is no problem. Output to wired headphones is no problem. But I need a way to rig a wireless mic into the system. I don't care about audio quality or latency - as long as speech from the mic is understandable.

I bought a bluetooth "mic", but AUM doesn't see it as an input. I think it's acting as a headset (it has a headphone out jack, weird):

I could buy a remote mic that plugs into the input jack, but I've got an iPhone 7, so that would have to be through a Lightning adapter. So I'd have to do output via Bluetooth headphones.

1. Can AUM talk to a Bluetooth headset as an input source?
2. If not, can AUM take headphone jack input, mix with noise, and output to Bluetooth headphones?
3. Anyone know if iPhone 6s can do input through 3.5mm jack and output through Lightning?





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Re: Mix remote mic with noise then output to headphones, on iPhone 7?
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2018, 04:30:02 PM »
Hi James,

On IOS (any device) you may have only 1 sound card, so, to my knowledge, splitting with mic input/output + lightning in real time is not possible.

But I found this you might be interested with:

And this

Plug the wireless mic into the sound card, the mix into AUM, then, use the headphone, on the soundcard for your son.

The only problem is that this setup needs to be close an electric plug as power is required for the box for the wireless mic.
So this sound card on battery could be better (?)
But still needs power for the wireless mic BUT the wireless mic might be far (like 5 meters with a 5m XLR cable) from the sound card (closer to an electric plug)
But a 5 meters wire would be around...could be a problem in the class room ?

Also note that you'll need a Camera Connexion Kit (CCK) to connect the USB to the lightning:

But the good point with this is that you may plug and power also the iPhone (like this no problem with low battery with any device during the course !)
I would not recommend a bluetooth headphone, to avoid any technical issues, and keep it simple.

Be careful with the background noise of cheap sound card, that might cause some problems.
I would recommend at least this quality for a soundcard:

A correct wireless mic OMHO is also needed to get a clear stable signal, so maybe this one ?

Hope this helps a bit. :)