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Glitchy Western diatonic notes

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Glitchy Western diatonic notes
« on: November 03, 2014, 04:54:42 PM »
I'm using this in a song I'm writing. My goal was to create some glitchy versions of real western musical tones, so it's a bit different from many of the "byte beats" out there. I treated it a lot more like a program than some sort of emergent revelation..

// a, e, d octaves
o=((t>>10)%3+1), // octavator
p=(t>>12)%3, // t-based pitch chooser
l=(x>>6)%4, // x-based pitch chooser
q=t*o/2, // octavated time value
v=q*(11264/735)*(p==0) +
It's easier just to play it than explain it, but I calculated what the saw slope would have to be in order to match certain frequencies, then came up with approximate values.

I love constraints, and BitWiz is a perfect example of a constrained environment.