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Just bought Dub; was hoping IAA support meant it would be an input choice...

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—see the follow-up post below for what I ended up doing, which seems to be working–

Hi -

I just bought Dub; I was hoping that the IAA support mentioned in the App Store page meant that with, say, Loopy running, I could launch Dub and choose Loopy's output as an input to Dub. Doesn't look that way.

Am I correct that the AUFX plugs' IAA support requires a host such as a DAW or AudioShare?

I was hoping to accomplish this in the most lightweight (processing) manner possible. The target live-damping performance setup is:
  • Use AudioBus to choose external mic input of an Apogee One v2 as a mono source into Samplr (Samplr itself is unable to see the independent inputs of the One as monos)
  • Use IAA to route Loopy (background controlled by an MPK Mini) through Dub

What led me to this point is that I have Turnado and originally tried using it for fx on Loopy's and Samplr's output via AudioBus but my poor iPad Mini starts breaking up at that point. Hence my purchase of Dub in an attempt to minimize the processing hit.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
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FOLLOW-UP — Re: Just bought Dub; was hoping IAA support meant...
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I tried this out yesterday after posting and it seemed to go well (no distorting as the load increased). So I thought I would share here in case it is helpful to anyone else.

I'm using an original iPad Mini, 32GB.

Hardware: Apogee ONE v2 (connected to wall power) and an Akai MPK Mini both connected to an Amazon USB 2 hub, connected to an Apple CCK, to the iPad Mini

  • AudioBus with System Input in the Input slot to allow me to specify the Apogee's Mic input as a mono source (rather than left channel only), and Samplr in the output slot
  • AudioShare in Record mode, monitoring, with Loopy in the input slot and AUFX:Dub in the first fx slot.

This setup lets me do live sampling / playback / manipulation with Loopy in the background using the MPK Mini, and route the output through Dub, and also do live sampling etc. with Samplr onscreen. Quite fun.

In case it's of interest to anyone, I've attached a shot that shows my mapping of the MPK Mini for Loopy.

Great! I guess you could also use Audiobus to route Loopy into Dub as well?

I could. It would require an additional purchase to have a second signal path. I'm not destitute, just trying to work with what I have to the extent possible.

Also not clear to me yet (I'll keep looking) whether AB would let me use the same input (Apogee Input 1) for both signal paths, as I'm able to with the solution above. I might change that aspect of the setup anyway, add in my piezo'd kalimba on Apogee's guitar input. :-)

ps Both fantastic products, by the way! Been using AudioShare for some time.
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Yeah, that's right. Audiobus has an in-app purchase for multiple signal paths etc..

Or, you can wait for my new mixer app, which will allow this without in-app purchases :) And also give you level faders per channel, built-in recording straight into the AudioShare file space, support for Audio Unit extensions on iOS 9, and much more.


Performance is this Saturday tho! Do you have a beta? I always get questions about my setup; I'd be happy to pimp your wares!

Also, thinking it through: To use AudioBus as suggested, Loopy would have to sit in the Input slot, Dub in the FX slot… and I'd use Loopy's input selector to choose Apogee Input 1… so maybe it would work. I've submitted a ? to them.

No beta yet! But I'll add you to the beta test team.

Excellent. I look forward to checking it out.