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Hypnosarium #1

Jonatan Liljedahl & Marcus Nordgren

Musik och ljus för horisontellt läge. Stig ner i strömmen mellan yttre och inre gränstillstånd, genom skymning och gryning i landskap av drömmar och glömska.

Music and light for horizontal position. Descend into the stream between outer and inner liminal states, through twilight and dawn in landscapes of dreams and oblivion.

Premiered at KKV Bohuslän 5 & 6 March 2022 during Bottnafjorden Glöder.

Music and sound by Jonatan Liljedahl. Room experience, lights and scenography by Marcus Nordgren.

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Released 05 Mar 2022 on Kymatica Recordings

Gerlesborg 21-3-21

Jonatan Liljedahl

A musical meditation, performed and streamed live from Gerlesborg school of art’s large studio overlooking Bottnafjorden on a Sunday afternoon during the ongoing pandemic.

Nidra Alpha

Jonatan Liljedahl

The first album of the Nidra ambient trilogy.

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Released 28 Jan 2021 on Kymatica Recordings

Nidra Theta

Jonatan Liljedahl

The second album of the Nidra ambient trilogy.

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Released 28 Jan 2021 on Kymatica Recordings

Nidra Delta

Jonatan Liljedahl

The third album of the Nidra ambient trilogy.

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Released 28 Jan 2021 on Kymatica Recordings


Henrik Olsson & Jonatan Liljedahl

Jonatan Liljedahl: Lyra-8
Henrik Olsson: stringed cymbal and friction piezo elements.

The way of the Ascidiacea.

Born as part of the fauna. A larva using its Ganglion for moving around, making choices, finding its way. The Ganglion consists of crossing and overlapping nerve fibers similar to the human peripheral nervous system. A brain-like knot of information.

The Ganglion will guide the Ascidiacea to a good place, a firm rock where it gets a solid grip on life. A place that provide what’s needed. Once that place is found, on the bottom of the sea, the Ganglion is regressed in order to save energy. The Ascidiacea is then a part of the flora.

When the active animal have sorted out where to go in order to live a good life based on its personal needs, the brain regenerates and the larva turns into a plant. As if there’s a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away.

Tranquility is courage in repose.

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Released 16 Nov 2020 on Kymatica Recordings


Bear and the lily

Improvised and recorded live by Jonatan Liljedahl & Björn Hansson during 2019.

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Released 26 Aug 2020 on Kymatica Recordings


Jonatan Liljedahl

Recorded in 2013, exploring a concept of modulated rhythms, where time changes speed in regular patterns, the interference causing pseudo-irregular results. Inspired by Mark Fell’s Multistability and a lecture about “oval” rhythms by Sten Sandell.

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Released 06 Nov 2018 on Kymatica Recordings


Kymatica (Jonatan Liljedahl)

Dark, slow, and glitchy. Exploring the use of feedback through convolution processors.

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Released 30 May 2013 on Kymatica Recordings


Arrias / Liljedahl

Johan Arrias: wind instruments
Jonatan Liljedahl: electronics.

“Det låter fantastiskt. Ansatsen är avvaktande som ett nyfiket handslag. Liljedahl bäddar med elektroniska ljudlager som Arrias mikroatonalt flyter mellan och ovanpå. Det är statistiskt, starkt, stickigt.” – soundofmusic.nu

Recorded at EMS in Stockholm, 2010.

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Released 21 Feb 2012 on Jahr Null Aufnahmen


Jonatan Liljedahl

“Jonatan Liljedahl is working with adding sounds into complex footprints. But while the sound itself is vertical, given their many layers and richness, the musical developments are mostly horizontal. It behaves preferably in length and is beneficial to operate in time.” – soundofmusic.nu

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Released 30 Nov 2010 on Jahr Null Aufnahmen

Even while the earth sleeps we travel beneath frozen rivers

Liljedahl & Karlsson duo

All tracks are collaborations exept track 6 by Daniel Karlsson and track 8 by Jonatan Liljedahl

Available as CD at Fylkingen Records

Released 30 Nov 2008 on Fylkingen Records

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