Stereo delay audio effect for everything from clean digital delays to filthy dub echoes, ping-pong flangers, and broken cassette tapes.

A highly tweakable stereo delay audio effect, suitable for a wide range of delay types. It features tape simulation (noise and warble), filters in the delay loop for typical dub sound, stereo detune, ping-pong delay, sinewave and random modulation for flangers and chorus, and more.

Quality. ★★★★★
Along with Space, highly recommended. Works perfectly and sounds amazing.

Simple and the best ★★★★★
This is the best multidelay for ios !!!! Great job :)

Top ★★★★★
Top,top!!!! Aucune hesitation a avoir!!!!!!

Very useful ★★★★★
This is a good sounding, highly configurable delay unit at a great price. FX like this one is very useful in the audiobus toolchain.

Sounds fAWESOME! ★★★★★
Sounds great and is very musical. The presets sound great! This is now my favorite reverb/delay audiobus FX! Not only does it sound great, the price point makes it very affordable. Don't hesitate, buy this killer app now!

Right On ★★★★★
Big score!!!

About AUFX

The AUFX series is a collection of lightweight and powerful real time Inter-App Audio effect apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

All AUFX apps have the following features:

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